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Buy your tickets now for 2016 Much Ado About Agile XI conference coming October 24th and 25th.

Check out the special pre-conference workshop with Mary Poppendieck on October 23rd.

Schedule of Events for 2016


Date Topic/Title Speaker

January 2016

No Event Planned


15 February 2016

Working with Cloud Services

Andrej Dobos &
Mency Woo

21 March 2016

eLearning and Agile? Oil and Water or a Perfect Match?

Chris Patch

18 April 2016

Why There Are Events in Your Future

Robert Reppel

25 & 26 April 2016
Monday & Tuesday

Introduction to Disciplined Agile - Certification Prep

Sponsored Workshop

16 & 17 May 2016
Monday & Tuesday

2016 Agile in the Cloud Conference

1-day Conference
1-day Tutorials

20 June 2016

An Evening with Hootsuite

Ryan Holmes, Beier Cai, Geordie Henderson, Noel Pullen, Jeff Oliver, and Jeff Stautz

25 July 2016

The Art of Visualising Software Architecture

Simon Brown

August 2016

No Event Planned


19 September 2016

0Tech - Throw Away Your Tooling

Adam Dymitruk

24 & 25 October 2016
Monday & Tuesday

Much Ado About Agile XI

1-day Conference
1-day Tutorials

21 November 2016

Topic TBD

Panel Discussion

December 2016

No Event Planned


Future Panel Discussion and Meeting Topics

We would love to hear your ideas for additional discussion topics or for future meetings. Please contact us and let us know what topics would interest you.